Mayor Edward Drobina

Contact Information:

The Village of Carroll Municipal Offices
68 Center Street
P.O. Box 367
Carroll, Ohio 43112-0367
Hours - Mon - Thur 10am to 4pm



Board Assignments

Records Commission

Solicitor Jeff Feyko
Mayor Edward Drobina
Clerk-Treasurer Mary Dawson
Councilperson DonDeuschle
Resident Shelly Squibb

Zoning Appeals Board

Bill Moore (12-31-23)
Vicki Lloyd (12-31-21)
Scott Shrader (12-31-23)

Planning & Zoning Board

Earl Staffan (12-31-20, 2 yr term)
Maggy Blackman (12-31-22, 4 yr term)
Christina Roberts (12-31-22,6 yr term)
Councilperson Linda Dattilo (12-31-22, 6 yr term)
Mayor Drobina (12-31-22, 6 yr term)

Property Maintenance Code Appeals Board

Frank Bright
Vicki Lloyd
Scott Shrader
Alternate – Bill Moore

Tax Appeals Board

Bill Moore
Deb Swingle
Adam Tippett

Code Enforcement Officer
Dennis Rose

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